What the heck is Brevz ?

Hi there! 👋 Welcome to your future notification center for your website or blog!

Brevz is a solution that will allow you to stay in touch with your visitors by sending them targeted & personalized notifications.

If you come to check how to install it on Ghost directly, go here!

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A bit of context

Re-engaging site visitors is one of the most effective ways to engage traffic and sales.

We have seen in some studies that only 2% of the visitors of a merchant site will buy during the first visit in an e-commerce site. However, visitors who are re-engaged are 70% more likely to generate a sale than those who are not. [1] [2]

How do we re-engage visitors?

At Ghost, we will use emails with the integrated solution, and at most sites we use emails or paid ads, however there is something often overlooked: push notifications!

Push notifications are 400% more effective than regular emails and in fact, push notifications typically result in a click-through rate 4 times higher than emails.

On top of that, the notifications you send to visitors who have accepted them will be sure to arrive, while the mails are very likely to end up in a spam box.

There is even a study that says that when notifications are enabled, about 65% of visitors return within 30 days! [3]

For blogs?

Brevz was designed with blogs as the primary target, although our product is just as effective with walk-up sites. We've built Brevz as a series of toolkits that will allow you to create any scenario you want.

Content marketing is often in the form of a company blog, it is one of the most effective methods of creating leads. Since an article can be easily shared and searched on the internet, its reach can be impressive.

To make an effective business blog, you need to work on visitor engagement. Ideally, visitors who visit the blog often and read the articles are most likely to convert to sales.

For blogs that are not corporate blogs, but blogs of influence, it is also important to work on its engagement with its visitors: we want our visitors to come back to see new articles.

Some examples?

Brevz allows you to easily add native notifications for your blog, our solution is extremely simple to integrate, you don't need a developer to integrate it to your blog.

With Brevz you will be able to:

  • Have a custom and user-friendly opt-in for notifications
  • Send notifications to your users
  • Segment your users to better target the ones you are interested in
  • Notify visitors who started reading your articles but stopped after a period of time, this is a great way to re-engage visitors who got distracted while reading one of your articles
  • Changelogs on your site to communicate changes in your application to your visitors
  • And much more to come with our powerful design, you'll be able to create any workflows that you want.
An opt-in to ask the visitor to accept notifications

A short guide to install Brevz on Ghost or Wordpress?

To show you how easy it is to integrate Brevz and all its features into your blog, we have made a short guide here!

We also wrote the same guide for Wordpress here!

Anthony Griffon

Anthony Griffon